The Little Town That’s Big On Kiwi Culture

If you really want to experience and learn about Kiwiana then get yourself to the Kiwiana capital of NZ – Otorohanga.

Otorohanga, a small rural town, is on a major tourist route – the Waitomo Caves Village and an amazing range of tourism and adventure attractions are only 15 minutes from the centre of town. There are also stunning West Coast beaches at Kawhia and Aotea – just an hour’s drive away.

When you arrive in Otorohanga be sure to stroll down the main street which is home to the Kiwiana Display Gallery, murals, sculptures and beautiful flower baskets. Even the public toilets are a light-hearted tribute to Kiwiana and NZ’s popular culture!

Kiwiana is a celebration of New Zealand’s popular culture – its icons, heroes and traditions – everything from the Kiwi, Buzzy Bee, Paua and Pavlova, to Sir Edmund Hillary, Colin Meads and the All Blacks, from Sheep and No.8 Wire to the Haka and Hokey Pokey icecream.

The iconic Buzzy Bee toy was developed in NZ in the 1930s and is still popular today

While you are in Otorohanga it would be remiss not to visit the incredible Otorohanga Kiwi House and Native Bird Park.

How cool would this be!

There you can view active kiwi throughout the day (New Zealand’s national bird) and Brown Kiwi on display in a night-time setting. You can even get up close with a large collection of NZ birds and reptiles. Other highlights include walking through New Zealand’s largest free-flight dome aviary and see the unique tuatara, a native New Zealand reptile, which pre-dated the dinosaurs.

The Tuatara, a handsome little native NZ reptile

So, get on ya bike, as we Kiwis say… and get yourself and the family to Otorohanga.


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